What happens when you don't post your blog update

What happens when you don't post your update on your blog? Nothing.

That's the problem. No post means that the reader who might otherwise read your posts have to find something else to do. If they enjoy your stuff they will likely come back when there is something to read. 

However, it is just as likely that the reader doesn't come back. 

Don't go dear reader. Allow me to get right to the grovelling and pleading.  

I know for a fact that I have plenty to write about, I know that the way to get the writing done is to return to the keyboard regularly to throw more words onto page. 

What I also know is that inevitably the few hours a week I have to write will occasionally be unavailable.  

This week it was a visit from an old friend and a head cold. The first was a pleasure the second a chore.  

So sometimes despite best intentions a blog post will be missed and nothing will happen, for better or worse. 


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