Why should I write a blog in 2019

Why Why!

Why Why!

“I want to write a blog.” I say to a few friends and my mum while catching up over the holiday season.

“That sounds great”. They all reply.

I spent longer convincing my partner.

To compare the subtext of each conversation. My mum and friends are very supportive of what I do. My partner has an avowed interest in how many things I take on. It isn’t so much that “I do a lot of things” as much as “I can only do so many things” and some of those things (being a parent, attending work, remaining fit and healthy) are very important. Where does a blog fit into this hierarchy of needs?

So why do I want to write a blog? There are plenty of blogs… there are more than enough blogs

I am not pursuing trend… in any case Vlogs are more the in thing in 2019.. There are more than enough vlogs. The world doesn’t need another blog or vlog.. It likely needs more logs.. Well trees. I feel we need more trees. Yes it is true I have an opinion on my worldview. I feel we need to do a better job of looking after our planet. There are more than enough blogs and vlogs on the lack of logs.

However, if my blog becomes the tipping point then so be it. As long as it tips us towards the logs… i mean trees. So the world doesn’t need another Blog, I just need to blog. Now I realise we haven’t yet got to the point. Let me get to the point, the reason I want to write a blog.

I, Andrew Gibbons, in fact make my living producing content. I write, I plan, I make some pretty sweet videos, I “monitor” social, I SEO. It’s all pretty much “blog”. It is what I do at work.

So the reason I want to blog is that I don’t want to be the plumber with a leaky tap.

The Plumber With The Leaky Tap Story

Imagine a plumber…

Blue overalls, perhaps a red top…

Red hat and mustache.

They head out everyday and fix peoples plumbing…

So our red hatted plumber comes home at the end of every day to a leaky tap.

They are so busy plumbing.

they can’t/don’t want to fix their own stuff.

So in my case:

  • I am a content producer

  • who makes content for other people everyday (well weekdays)

  • but doesn’t have their own place to share content from home

To wrap up the analogy I want to be the plumber with perfectly working, widely admired, taps. I have a grey cap that I often wear.

I want to produce content for me and for you, “dear reader”.

Your Top Number 1 (#1) reason for reading this.

I would just be guessing. Please get in touch and tell me why you are reading this.

You can “connect’ with me by using this form (link to form) it will send me an electronic mail the same page can direct you to my social medias.

I do have 3 top reasons for producing content in 2019.

My top 3 reasons for producing content. In 2019.

One: Reason #1 is because it makes sense for me to do so

I want to do all the things… as a content producer. There are a lot of things a content producer can do and I will write a post explaining this in more detail. I can’t wait!

Goal: Post 1x blog post every week!

Two: Reason #2 is to connect with people

I don’t want to be alone here. Adrift on the internets by myself. I want to lash my digital raft that of others! I want to reach out and “Connect”!

Goal: I would like to connect with you gentle reader.

Three: Reason #3 is all the things

“Content” “Storytelling” and “Being a parent, a friend. All the things.”.

I have opinions to share and stories to tell. Reviews to write and interesting people to interview. I have friends who want to collaborate and… I am very excited about it al!!

But for now, having laid out my reasoning, it remains only to welcome you to the blog and wish you every happiness in your time here.

Goal: Write something I would like to read.

The end of this post

That was quick!

Before you send me that message I want to layout for you what is coming up on this blog.

Next week (insert date here) will be:

  • Content is King, what needs to happen for content to be king

The following week (insert date here) will be:

  • 3 things to rule them all an intro to Venn Diagrams and Dungeons and Dragons

  • edit: it was D&D but not Venn Diagrams… perhaps this is just as well.

For Content To Be King, what needs to happen